Acoustic Guitar Song

Well I can play Dave Matthews; I got Jack Johnson songs.

I can hold an F chord but not for too long.

I even tried John Mayer but I always get it wrong.

My hand keeps strummin’ but the strings always buzzing like

Neon, neon.  But I’m gonna strum some more.

Who knows how long, how long? I’ma run it down to the floor now.

I’ll play and play. I’ma burn you out but please don’t walk away.  Please don’t say goodbye.

Well you done felt me and you bet I done it.

She put up a fight but I’m so hot that I won it.

I nailed A minor I slammed D7 chord.

Wasn’t too long before I had her yellin’ “Lord!”

And I can sing in the style of Sublime: dancehall rhythm with a white boy rhyme.

Stick it up mister! Step up and I’ll dis ya, but at the end of the day I’m just another…

Confused suburban singwriter.  You’ll choose to ignore me and eventually I’ll stop.

Don’t move.  Girl I wanna lay you down.  Girl I wanna lay you...down.