Better off Alone

Well I promised myself that I’d write a new song,

And get it done from start to finish; doesn’t matter if it turns out wrong.

Then the first thing that came to mind was you.

And all our time together doing the things that we like to do.

But if you were still right here by my side,

I’d never be writing this song - I wouldn’t be takin’ the time.

And though I miss you and it sucks you left, I finally cleared space off my desk.

I sleep the whole night through sometimes.  I started doin’ excercise.

I got time to learn more shit...more cash in my pocket.

I think I needed this time - maybe I’m better off alone.

I fantasize about you ‘cause you’re gone.  Lay back and put my granny sleep-mask on.

You were sweet and your memory is sweeter, but your image slips away in the dark.

Since you said you want the best for me,

I’m kinda glad you let me go, happy that you set me free.

And there was something real about that day when you finally walked away.

You spoke your truth now I got mine: it’s no good when we’re confined.

Then after wearin’ out my CD player the sun burned away the marine layer.

And whoaaa I think I’m better off alone, whoaa.

Sure I miss you, guess it sucks you left.  But now I’m gettin’ things done by myself.

I sleep the whole night through my times.  I’m out playin’ ball with the guys.

I got all this time to learn new shit. More cash in my pocket.

I know I needed this time and I’m better off alone.